Healthy Hearing: when it’s time for you to get a hearing test

Healthy Hearing: when it’s time for you to get a hearing testThroughout our lives, we go to the doctor to check our health, the dentist to check our teeth and see various specialists as the need for one arises.

But one part of the bodily function we rarely check until something serious happens, or something obvious gives us cause to do so, is our hearing.

Hearing, like breathing, is one of those things we take for granted and often think about. However, like other parts of the body, you could damage your hearing or be at risk for hearing loss under certain causes or circumstances.

Below are some common risks for hearing loss and why you should go to the doctor to get a hearing test done:

Noise exposure: Whether short or extended period of time, exposure to loud noises damages the delicate hair cells of the inner ear. These cells translate sound vibrations into nerve signals so that our brain will recognize and hear sounds. Damage is irreversible.

Aging: While anyone under certain circumstances can develop hearing loss, the risk increases with age. It could be because of lifelong noise exposure or for genetic reasons. For these reasons, if you are age 65 or older, it’s wise to get a hearing test done.

Infections: Ear infections are not only painful but can cause hearing loss if left untreated. This is because it will damage eardrums, the bones in the middle ear that help to transmit sound to the inner ear and nerves responsible for hearing. Head injuries or other traumas to the ear can have the same affect if left untreated.

Other: There are many other things that can cause hearing loss. These include: certain diseases such as Menieres, medications, such as antibiotics and cancer treatments, congenital conditions, prenatal conditions such as fetal alcohol syndrome, genetic conditions or tumours that grow on the nerves responsible for hearing.