How technology is helping to make claim submissions easier

How technology is helping to make claim submissions easierSubmitting claims for healthcare benefits such as massage and chiropractic care can sometimes be a frustrating experience. You have to pay your health care provider upfront, get the receipt, fill in the paperwork, photocopy it, send it in and then wait to receive the cheque in the mail.

But technology is making this chore faster and easier by allowing people to submit their claims electronically, either on-line or directly from the offices of their healthcare providers, or most recently through mobile apps on their phones.

So far, e-claim options are available for some paramedical services, prescription, dental and vision care benefits, with more health care providers being added every day.

This also represents a more environmentally friendly option because claim submission is paperless. And, if an employee is set up for direct deposit, removes the costs associated with mailing cheques to employees.

Insurance carriers using this technology have introduced security measures to allow their plan members a way to submit their claims safely and securely. This new technology also means people will receive their reimbursement faster because claims can now be received and processed in real time.