Salt awareness – too much salt in your diet can cause a myriad of health problems

Salt awareness – too much salt in your diet can cause a myriad of health problemsThere are two types of people when it comes to food: those who have a sweet tooth and those who love salt.

Table salt is comprised of 40 per cent sodium and the recommended daily amount for an adult is 1 500 mg. According to the Ontario medical Association, Canadians are consuming double the amount of salt in their diet and are unaware of the negative health effects that can occur as a result such as high blood pressure and stroke.

When we think of salt intake, most of us think of the salt we use to cook our food or what we add afterwards during a meal from the salt shaker. But what you should remember is that high levels of salt and sodium are in most of our pre-packaged foods, including canned foods like soups and vegetables and frozen foods like frozen dinners and pizza.

The only way to change this is to make healthier food choices including reading the labels on store-bought foods for sodium content (not salt, they are not the same thing) and regulate how much salt we use to cook with and enhance the flavour of our foods.

Try getting creative in the kitchen by using other spices like oregano, garlic, curry or a myriad of other spices available that can enhance the flavours of your food.

If you are trying to lose weight, too much salt will not make you gain weight as it has no calories, but it will make you bloated, making it appear that your weight loss efforts aren’t working. This is because too much salt or sodium in your diet causes you body to retain water, giving you a more bloated appearance.