The value of an Employee Assistance Program

The value of an Employee Assistance ProgramStress has become much more prevalent in our society and with the hectic lives we lead, many of us are finding it hard to keep up.

Work/life balance is a huge part of that stress and your employee’s performance and productivity can be affected if they are under too much stress, either inside or outside of, the workplace.

Many employers have recognized the negative impact of stress on their workforce and have implemented an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help alleviate it. Whether someone is having marital or family problems, addiction issues or they are suffering from depression or anxiety, these personal issues can affect people’s professional lives and for employers, this can lead to many types of workplace problems.

An EAP offers your employees confidential counselling that can assist them in all areas of their lives. They offer employees access to a 24-hour crisis and referral centre where calls are answered by an accredited counsellor, social worker or psychologist, who are ready to help with any emergency, including suicide prevention and intervention.

It also offers short-term professional counseling, including routine follow-ups to evaluate progress and if necessary, prompt referral to an appropriate community service if there is an issue that requires more extensive or long-term treatment.

EAPs are highly valued by those who have used them and are known to be effective in improving overall workplace health. Additionally, they have been shown to reduce absenteeism, lower medical costs, boost productivity and reduce employee turnover.