Why low-carb diets are a short-term solution to long-term weight loss

Why low-carb diets are a short-term solution to long-term weight lossAtkins and South Beach Diet are just a couple of the diets that restrict eating carbohydrates as a way to lose weight.

They have remained popular over the years because if you have the discipline to cut out everything from pasta to rice, bread and any type of dessert like cake, you will lose weight and start to lose the fat in your body.

But don’t be fooled by the results of this diet; while you may see some weight disappear, it’s never a good idea to eliminate a whole food group and healthy carbs like brown rice and grain rice, provide your body with necessities like fibre, which are slow-release foods that make you feel fuller, longer.

These no-carb diets often require you to eat a lot of high-protein or high-fat foods, which over the long run can be just as unhealthy as cutting out carbohydrates. Also, as with any type of diet, deprivation of certain things will most likely backfire and cause you to not stick to the diet.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that eating high-protein, such as red meat over a long period of time, can put you at a higher risk colorectal cancer and because of the strain the extra red meat can put on your kidneys can increase your risk of kidney stones. It can also deplete your calcium levels which can lead to osteoporosis, as well as putting you at a higher risk of developing gout.

Many of these low-carb diets promote eating many high in saturated fat, cholesterol-promoting foods, which can also have negative effects on your long term health. And because it promotes cutting out foods like carbohydrates containing whole grains that provide you with essential vitamins and nutrients, it can weaken your immune system and affect your ability to fight off other diseases in the future.