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Have you lost confidence in your existing benefits advisor?  Simply switch your existing benefits plan to Employee Benefit Solutions.  You keep the same insurance carrier, plan number, unit rates and renewal date.  It's easy, hassle free, doesn't cost anything and can be done anytime.  Ask how.

Review my plan

Review My Benefits PlanYour employees’ benefit plan should not be forgotten about once implemented.

It is likely that your employees’ are happy with the benefit program you have provided because their health and dental claims are (mostly) being reimbursed. As a result, you are probably happy too…..

But that is the easy part - the devil is in the details:

  • Are you up to date on legislative changes that have an impact on the administration of your plan?
  • Did you get approval to extend benefits to a terminated employee?
  • Are all eligible employees enrolled on the plan?
  • How many working hours per week will qualify an employee to participate on the plan? (It can standardly be as low as 20 or 25)
  • What is your liability if you have an “eligible” employee that is not enrolled on the plan? (significant)
  • Are all eligible dependents enrolled on the plan?
  • Have ineligible dependents been removed from the plan?
  • Have you kept salaries up to date?
  • Can you terminate a disabled employee?
  • Is your plan still doing what you intended it to do?
  • Are you getting good value for your insurance dollars?

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